Chapter 13

Grand Rapids Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

In the wake of the recession in the United States, more and more individuals are facing difficult circumstances. Whether you were affected by job loss, a furlough, medical issues, divorce or another financially stressful situation, you likely need help. Our experienced debt relief attorneys know how to help you get on with your life.

At Twohey Maggini, PLC, our law firm has provided experienced legal representation since 1954. With attorneys who focus on specific areas, our lawyers are able to help you with your bankruptcy and any overlapping issues that might arise. Located in Grand Rapids, our attorneys handle client matters throughout the western Michigan region.

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Benefits of Chapter 13

If you make a regular income and are facing serious debt, you may be interested in considering a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy serves as debt reorganization. It allows individuals to create a payment plan that takes approximately three to five years. After successful completion of the payment plan any remaining eligible unsecured debt is discharged. One of the benefits of Chapter 13 is that it addresses home foreclosure in a more permanent way than Chapter 7.

  1. Reorganizes debt into payment plan
  2. Discharges unsecured debt after completion of payment plan
  3. Allows non-dischargeable debt to be paid on a different payment plan
  4. Stops a foreclosure
  5. Stops harassing creditor calls
  6. Assists with managing some tax debt
  7. Potentially can assist in discharging divorce debt

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If you are trying to stop a foreclosure, it is time to look into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our attorneys will help you to analyze your legal options to address your financial situation.

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