Domestic Violence

Grand Rapids Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence crimes can be serious and emotional because of the relationship that exists between the parties. Whether you need a defense for your actions or you were wrongfully accused of domestic violence, our attorneys can help.

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Have You Been Charged With Domestic Violence?

For the charge to be considered domestic violence, there must be a specific relationship. Domestic relationships include spouses, former spouses, people dating, couples with children in common and household members. Our attorneys handle the full range of domestic violence crimes, including:

  1. Assault
  2. Aggravated assault
  3. Battery
  4. Aggravated battery
  5. Stalking
  6. Child neglect
  7. Child endangerment
  8. PPO or personal protection order defense

Grand Rapids, Holland and Muskegon, MI, Personal Protection Order Lawyer

Domestic violence includes any type of abusive behavior used by one person to control another. If there is a domestic dispute, often the affected party will get a protection order to obtain some form of protection from his or her abuser. Our attorneys can help you obtain a personal protection order or defend against one.

Consequences of Domestic Violence

The consequences for those who are charged with domestic violence are quite severe. That makes it even more important to have an experienced attorney on your side every step of the way. An offender runs the risk of being thrown out of his or her home, losing the respect of family and friends, and having a no contact order issued against him or her.

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